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Healthy Balsamic Chicken

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Healthy Balsamic Chicken

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Healthy Balsamic Chicken

Healthy Balsamic Chicken


2 apples
2 red onions
2 tomatoes
chopped garlic
cup dice celery (optional)
4 chicken cutlets (grilled, baked, breaded)
balsamic vinegar dressing
shredded asiago cheese
spices (garlic, chives, etc.)

– Fry finely chopped garlic with some smart balance until lightly brown and crispy.
– Place chicken into bake lightly dressed with a splash of Balsamic Dressing. ( You can grill chicken, bake chicken, pre-breaded chicken).
– Combine mixed veggies together – add spices.

uncooked mixed veggies
– Add some oil and balsamic dressing to create a liquid base.

Cooked mixed veggies

– Be careful to only cook for a few minutes to keep the crunchiness of apples
– Pour mixture over chicken let bake for 5 min (add shredded asiago and chives to top)

Healthy Balsamic Chicken asiago cheese

– Enjoy!

Healthy Balsamic Chicken melted asiago cheese

Serve with garlic roasted, mash, or baked potato with broccoli as a side.


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