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Blue Cheese & Pear Chicken

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Blue Cheese & Pear Chicken

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Blue Cheese & Pear Chicken

A taste bud favorite.  Savor a crunchy watercress drizzled in balsamic dressing, crunchy pear, blue cheese, and sweet caramelized walnuts.  Delicious blue cheese chicken recipe that all will enjoy.





-Italian bread crumbs

-2 washed pears (diced)


-blue cheese crumbles

-balsamic vinaigrette

-smart balance

-herbs and seasonings


To begin,  you want to layout everything you need (plates for cracked eggs, breadcrumbs, chicken, and dishes)

Place the uncooked chicken into the egg batter and then coat in Italian bread crumbs on both sides.  Make sure to cover all angles of the chicken.  Add other spices to desire by gently beating down on the chicken to embed the spices.



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