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Healthy Balsamic Chicken

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Healthy Balsamic Chicken

Healthy Balsamic Chicken


2 apples
2 red onions
2 tomatoes
chopped garlic
cup dice celery (optional)
4 chicken cutlets (grilled, baked, breaded)
balsamic vinegar dressing
shredded asiago cheese
spices (garlic, chives, etc.)

– Fry finely chopped garlic with some smart balance until lightly brown and crispy.
– Place chicken into bake lightly dressed with a splash of Balsamic Dressing. ( You can grill chicken, bake chicken, pre-breaded chicken).
– Combine mixed veggies together – add spices.

uncooked mixed veggies
– Add some oil and balsamic dressing to create a liquid base.

Cooked mixed veggies

– Be careful to only cook for a few minutes to keep the crunchiness of apples
– Pour mixture over chicken let bake for 5 min (add shredded asiago and chives to top)

Healthy Balsamic Chicken asiago cheese

– Enjoy!

Healthy Balsamic Chicken melted asiago cheese

Serve with garlic roasted, mash, or baked potato with broccoli as a side.


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Edamame Bar

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If you have ever been to a sushi restaurant, ordered an appetizer out, or have researched the whole soy craze – I’m sure you have come across the famous edamame soybean.

I have tried countless edamame at various restaurants. A sprinkle of salt here, a squirt of lime or lemon there.

However, if you ever have the opportunity to try the Edamame Bar at the Cultured Pearl in Rehoboth Beach Delaware, well then you will never be able to go back.

Oils, butter, old bay seasonings, garlic, lemon, lime, seasonings galore – there is nothing like it. You can eat outside on a very trendy deck overlooking the avenue or relax in the air conditioned bamboo dining quarters.срочные займы на банковскую карту

Psychology in the Advertising World

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Kaleidoscope Designs can help you understand the psychology in the advertising world.

Do you know what colors make you hungry? Calm? Energetic? Complementary? How about what type faces infer trust and loyalty in your company’s brand?

How about a website that is easy to navigate and user-friendly, yet at the same time, comprehensive enough to exponentially increase your client base? What about a logo that promotes your brand promise and lingers in the audience’s mind?